The Seven Foundations is intended to serve as the framework for the Dance of Liberation® practice. This is rooted in the belief that the number ‘7’ has spiritual significance. There are seven continents, seven seas, seven colors in the rainbow, and seven wonders of the world. In the Old Testament, it is stated that creation took seven days. In the Native American Medicine Wheel, there are seven directions: North, East, South, West, Above, Below, and Center.

The Seven Foundations not only serve as the frame for weaving the Dance of Liberation® into the Dancer’s day-to-day life, yet also as the framework for how the actual teaching session is broken down. We’ll cover how this is specifically done in the upcoming section.

Looking to work with the 7 Foundations?

The Seven Foundations can be experienced in one-on-one SoulHealing sessions or in group Dance of Liberation® workshops. It has been utilized by individuals and groups, and has been successfully adapted as a powerful and effective adjunct to existing addiction recovery programs and therapeutic services.

Find out how this curriculum-based program can be adapted to the needs of your organization, group, or your personal commitment to transformation by contacting us.

I couldn’t have kept my sobriety without my sessions with Parashakti. She is a true master whose pure unconditional love, insight and healing. She helped to create miraculous transformations in my life. Through the Seven Foundations I reconnected with my body and my authentic movement. I now have a daily spiritual practice that brings out my true essence and light.