Home Blessing


Just as every individual has their own unique energies, so does every physical structure. Many conditions factor into this, such as the materials used in building, the ground built upon, and time of year constructed. Whether moving into a new home, new office or just wishing to re-energize your current residence, you want the energy to be fresh, new and uniquely yours. A Home Blessing will revitalize any stagnant energy in your sanctuary, bringing a positive, healthy light energy into every room. This program consists of a SoulHealing Session with Parashakti, followed by a room to room cleansing of your home to create a sense of peace, balance, and harmony throughout the house. When a home is filled with harmony it can be a place of peace and renewal, a sanctuary to recharge and renew. Blessing a house honors the place and creates a sacred space for the people living there.


Meet with Parashakti for one 1-hour SoulHealing Session followed by a 2-hour Home Blessing
*Includes Purification Kit



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