Dance of Liberation®

The Dance of Liberation® (also known as DOL) is a movement modality birthed from the roots of shamanism. Through the art of Conscious Dance, it allows the dancer to chart the path of a day-to-day life filled with exuberance, rich with purpose, commitment, and connection. The intention of this practice is to make the Dancer feel peaceful, healthy, joyous, and self-confident.

In DOL, we introduce many other symbols and tools into the process as well, including:

The Blindfold: Through means of sensory deprivation, the blindfold not only allows the Dancer to release inhibitions, yet to more deeply activate their other senses. This lends itself to the entry into trance states.

The Seven Foundations: Serves as the framework for DOL. This is rooted in the belief that the number ‘7’ has spiritual significance. There are seven continents, seven seas, seven colors in the rainbow, and seven wonders of the world. The experience of the Dance is divided into seven sections. Learn more about The Seven Foundations » 

Spirit Totems: We work with the medicine of the Eagle and other Winged Ones due to their ability to Soar high in the sky much as the Dancer floats across the dance floor. However, we encourage participants to connect with any form of Spirit Animal.

Power Objects: Drums, talking sticks, items from nature (such as a flower or pinecone), crystals, and pendants all support the Dancer in their journey toward their intention. In shamanism, “power” means “medicine”, so these are healing tools that help ground the Dancer and remind them of their purpose. Explore our Power Objects »


Where to Find DOL